2014 Midyear Meeting: ABA International Labor & Employment Law Committee

David Intercontinental Tel Aviv12 Kaufman St
Tel Aviv 61501

David W. Garland, Chair of the firm's Labor and Employment Steering Committee, will speak at the 2014 Midyear Meeting of the ABA International Labor & Employment Law Committee, which runs from May 3 to 8.

On Sunday, May 4, Mr. Garland will join a panel discussion titled "Practicing Labor and Employment Law in Israel."  Speakers will provide thoughtful insight on what day-to-day practitioners in Israel face. The speakers will provide their views as to how the law has progressed and developed over the last few years. Some emphasis will be directed to the protection of minority workers and the role of the Labor Court in Israel. The panel will have a specific focus on recent amendments to Israeli law — the employment protections by Israel's new EEOC and how these amendments will direct the labor and employment landscape in years to come.

On Thursday, May 8, Mr. Garland will join a panel discussion titled "Who Is Blowing the Whistle and Why?" In the brave new world of Dodd-Frank, the UK Bribery Act and massive SEC and FSA investigations and prosecutions, the motivation and likely the character of today's whistleblower has changed. With pressures on financial institutions (legal, compliance and HR) to monitor and report on almost any variation of the norm — including ethics or cultural shifts — the EU and US workplace is likely becoming Orwell's "1984." Is Israel following suit or are there other rights and responsibilities at work here?

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