14th Annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium: The Employee Handbook: Your Best Defense Against Lawsuits

Caesars Palace3570 Las Vegas Blvd., South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

10/29/09 7 AM — 4:30 PM
10/30/09 7 AM — 1:45 PM

An employee handbook can be your best protection against an employment lawsuit or union organizing campaigns. But unless it's updated regularly, your organization could be at risk. With new FMLA regulations, new ADA Amendments Act, the Lilly Ledbetter Act (and perhaps more new laws) going into effect this year, it's even more imperative that you revisit the state of your company's employee handbook. In this session of the 14th Annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, find out what every employee handbook needs to shield the organization from outsiders' threats. Plus, discover the pros and cons of making the transition to an electronic handbook.

Epstein Becker Green attorney Michael F. McGahan will discuss:

  • What should not be included in the handbook, such as detailed information that is important only to subgroups of employees or instructions to supervisors and HR managers
  • Common policies found in many handbooks that are actually illegal
  • When you should review your handbooks and the red flags requiring changes
  • How to communicate your handbook changes to your employees
  • How to keep old handbooks from resurfacing in a lawsuit
  • The very latest trends in workplace policymaking, such as new anti-bullying policies
  • The most common mistakes when writing workplace policies
  • Session bonus: advantages and disadvantages of providing electronic handbooks
  • What to ask before making the transition to an electronic handbook, including how to accommodate for employees with mental or visual impairments

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