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Article Maryland Update: Governor Hogan Announces Additional COVID-19 Restrictions Workforce Bulletin Blog
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Article Slowdown in the DMV: District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia Tighten Business Restrictions as COVID-19 Cases Climb Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Get Out the Toke: State Ballot Initiatives Legalize Marijuana and More Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Reminder: Cannabis Companies Must Comply with Federal Workplace Anti-Discrimination Laws Too Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Don’t Be Spooked: D.C. COVID-19 Leave Law Is in Effect and Will Be Enforced Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Rule 6: If You’re Sick, Stay Home – Return to Work in the Time of COVID-19 Workforce Bulletin Blog
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Article U.S. DOL: Employees Who Refuse to Work Under Unsafe Conditions May Be Eligible for CARES Act Unemployment Benefits Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Employers Must Accommodate Some Workers’ Opioid Use and Treatment Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Philadelphia Enacts Protections for COVID-19 Whistleblowers Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Washington’s Revised “White Collar” Overtime Exemption Rules Now in Effect Wage and Hour Defense Blog
Article Sweeping Changes for Virginia Employers Take Effect Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Texas Local Governments Impose New Face Covering and Health and Safety Plan Requirements Upon Employers, as COVID-19 Cases Surge Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Virginia Prohibits Non-Compete Agreements with “Low-Wage” Workers Trade Secrets & Employee Mobility Blog
June 2020Article Employee Benefit Plan Review
Article New York Employers: Engage in the Interactive Process Before Disciplining Medical Marijuana Users Health Employment and Labor Blog
Article Medical Marijuana Deemed “Essential” During COVID-19 Pandemic Health Employment and Labor Blog
Article Colorado Provides Further Guidance on Mandatory Paid Leave for COVID-19 Testing Workforce Bulletin Blog
Article Tipping the Scales: New York Reduces the UI Waiting Period for Striking Workers Management Memo Blog
Article New Regulations Emphasize Discounts to Delaware Employers with Drug-Free Workplace Programs Health Employment and Labor Blog
Article Massachusetts Employers Receive New Guidance Regarding Reimbursement for Qualifying Paid Leave Plans Under the State’s PFML Law Retail Labor and Employment Law Blog
Article Insurance Journal
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Article Late Compromise Halts Proposed Changes to Pennsylvania’s White-Collar Exemptions Wage and Hour Defense Blog
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Article NLRB Adds New Three-Part Test to Standard for Evaluating Appropriateness of Bargaining Units Management Memo Blog
Winter 2018Article Fake Left, Fake Right: Promoting an Informed Public in the Era of Alternative Facts 70 ADMIN. L. REV. 209
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