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The Biden Administration's First 100 Days - Diagnosing Health Care Podcast (January 21, 2021): Dive into the Biden Administration's first 100 days in office and the potential executive orders, regulations, and new legislation with noteworthy health care policy implications. Attorneys Ted Kennedy, Philo Hall, and Paulina Grabczak discuss President Biden’s priorities, including his COVID-19 response plan, and examines which "midnight rules" put in place by the Trump Administration could be intercepted or retained.

On the Ballot 2020: Health Care Policy Outlook - Diagnosing Health Care Podcast (October 22, 2020) - This Diagnosing Health Care episode dives into the prospects of coverage expansion following the 2020 elections and also examines three major health care policy reform issues that have bipartisan support and could see traction regardless of who wins on November 3. Featuring attorneys Philo Hall, Ted Kennedy, Jr.Lynn Shapiro Snyder, and Tim Murphy.

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Health Care Trends and Policies Impacted by the 2016 Elections: Thought Leaders in Health Law Video Series - November 2016 - Stuart M. Gerson; Ted Kennedy, Jr.; and Philo D. Hall (attorneys in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice of Epstein Becker Green); and Bob Atlas (President of EBG Advisors) examine the impact that the 2016 U.S. elections will have on trends and policies in the health care industry.  Using their vast business and policy experience, these attorneys and professionals discuss the election results from a variety of (legal, regulatory, and policy) perspectives. 

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Trends in Health Care Investing: Thought Leaders in Health Law Video Series - Summer 2016 - Lynn Shapiro Snyder and Edward M. Kennedy, Jr., Members of the Firm, and Mark E. Lutes, Chair of Epstein Becker Green’s Board of Directors, look at the latest trends and new developments in health care investment from a variety of (legal, regulatory, and policy) perspectives.