Representative Matters

Highlights of Mr. Loya's work in the private sector include:

  • Representing a former principal and director in litigation involving former employer, including arbitration proceedings, defense of a state court action, and representation in a related federal government investigation
  • Representing corporations in defense of wrongful termination, retaliation, and employee discrimination claims
  • Providing representation to a client in connection with a high-profile criminal campaign finance prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Sacramento, California
  • Representing foreign nationals in connection with an SEC enforcement action in Los Angeles, California, involving an alleged international “pump and dump” scheme
  • Defending a Hollywood production company in connection with a criminal antitrust investigation conducted by the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division in New York
  • Representing the former chief operating officer at a high-profile Bay Area start-up company in connection with government civil and criminal proceedings concerning allegations of consumer fraud and false advertising
  • Representing the board of directors of an elite Bay Area private school in connection with a criminal investigation and prosecution of the former head of school on charges of fraud and embezzlement
  • Conducting an internal investigation (in English and Spanish) on behalf of a multinational corporation concerning the operations of the company’s Mexican business unit
  • Conducting an internal investigation on behalf of a large health care organization concerning allegations of misconduct by the organization’s Human Resources Director

Highlights of Mr. Loya's work as a federal prosecutor include:

  • Participating as a key member in a high-profile DOJ investigation focused on corruption in the award of lucrative defense contracts at Camp Arifjan, a U.S. military base in Kuwait, in connection with “Operation Iraqi Freedom”; as part of this investigation, 19 individuals, including a colonel, three lieutenant colonels, four majors, and other public officials, were convicted by guilty plea or trial
  • Serving as co-counsel in the final trial in San Juan, Puerto Rico, arising from the FBI’s historic police corruption investigation called “Operation Guard Shack”; all three defendants, including two former Puerto Rican police officers, were convicted at trial
  • Serving as co-counsel in a successful trial in Boston, Massachusetts, against a scientist and businessman who defrauded the U.S. Department of Transportation out of hundreds of thousands of dollars; as part of the government's proof, Mr. Loya and his colleague summoned a U.S. Congressman to testify against the defendant regarding earmarked funds and the defendant’s fraudulent representations to the Congressman
  • Leading a successful prosecution in McAllen, Texas, against a U.S. Border Protection Officer, his girlfriend, and three associates who accepted bribes from dozens of undocumented aliens and transported them illegally across the U.S./Mexico border