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In the News Edward Loya Quoted in “At Justice Department, a Watchdog on Graft Finds Its Teeth Again” The New York Times
Article Preventing and Investigating Fraud, Embezzlement, and Charitable Asset Diversion: What’s a Nonprofit Board to Do? Public Counsel
In the News Edward Loya Featured in “Alumnus Excels Among DOJ Corruption Prosecutors” Stanford Law School’s Create Change Newsletter
2008Article Judicial Supremacy and Federalism: A Closer Look at Danforth and Moore 2008 Cato. Sup. Ct. Rev. 161
Article Fourth Amendment’s Protections Should Not Be Weakened by State Laws Daily Journal
Article Book Review: Justice Thomas Is a Cogent Thinker Daily Journal, SCOTUS Blog, How Appealing Blog, and Crime and Consequences Blog
Article Sweeping Away the Fourth Amendment 34 Search and Seizure Law Report 2 (Feb. 2007), Stan. J. Civ. Rts. & Civ. Liberties 457 (2006)
Article Roberts’ Dissent in “Randolph” Reveals Shrinking View of Privacy Daily Journal
Article Search, Seizure Cases Reveal the Real Alito Daily Journal
Article Search Case Will Shed Light on Roberts Court Daily Journal
Article Upholding “Honest Services” While Abandoning Interpretive Principles: United States v. Rybicki 10 Stan. J. L. Bus. & Fin. 138 (2004)