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Trial Pros: Epstein Becker’s Carmine Iannaccone


Carmine A. Iannaccone, Managing Director of Epstein Becker Green and a Member of the Firm in the Employment, Labor, and Workforce Management practice, in the firm’s Newark office, authored a Q&A article in Law360 titled “Trial Pros: Epstein Becker’s Carmine Iannaccone.” (Read the full version – subscription required.)

Following is an excerpt:

Q: What does your trial prep routine consist of?

A: My trial prep routine is to digest every detail of the documents and depositions. The key in a defense case is the cross-examination of the plaintiff so I revise and revise until I believe it’s perfect. I practice my opening until I am totally comfortable with its delivery and content. Each morning I listen to the theme from Gladiator on my way to court and never eat turkey at lunch.

Q: If you could give just one piece of advice to a lawyer on the eve of their first trial, what would it be?

A: Be prepared for the unexpected because the case you think you are going to try rarely goes according to script. Also know there may be a juror or potential juror that has the ability to observe your demeanor from the time you pull into the courthouse parking lot until you leave at the end of the day. Finally, be yourself — jurors can sniff out a phony.