Aventor Project

Aventor—Fueling Social Entrepreneurship in Connected Health

Mr. Thompson is spearheading the formation of Aventor. A group of legal, regulatory, reimbursement and government affairs professionals, Aventor helps social entrepreneurs develop connected health technologies designed to give the disadvantaged better access to healthcare.

In some ways, Aventor is an easy concept. Its core mission is to bring together a group of experts in mobile health and telemedicine to evaluate business plans submitted by social entrepreneurs who want to help the poor gain access to healthcare. The experts will pick the best and most likely to succeed companies that Aventor will then sponsor through the provision of low-cost legal and regulatory consulting. In this way, Aventor really is all about selecting and validating appropriate social entrepreneurs for attorneys and regulatory and reimbursement consultants to help on a pro bono basis.

Many low-income Americans need more than insurance to get access to healthcare. They face mobility challenges, geographic barriers as well as cultural and educational obstacles.

Technology can help. Exciting advances in telemedicine as well as mobile health – apps on your smart phone that can tell you whether you need glasses or help you connect with your doctor – can bridge those gaps.

But developers of these technologies face their own legal and regulatory obstacles. Often these new technologies challenge old paradigms. Innovators often must navigate complex and opaque laws such as the FDA regulatory system, Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement, privacy rules and/or professional licensing laws.

Aventor offers help. As a business accelerator, Aventor matches carefully-selected social entrepreneurs working to use technology to expand healthcare access for the poor but who face legal and regulatory obstacles with carefully selected volunteer professionals with the needed expertise.

A personal note –

For me, Aventor represents an opportunity to help the poor in an extremely meaningful way using all of the skills and abilities I have spent the last 30 years trying to cultivate, and in ways that challenge my own creativity and maximize my personal impact. The prospects for these new software technologies are great, with the potential to save lives and reduce suffering for millions of Americans living in poverty. If I can help bring life-saving technologies to people who presently lack access to healthcare using precisely the skills I’ve spent my career refining, what more could I ask for?