Fran Green Inspires 2013 Grace Institute Graduates

Frances M. Green, Member of the Firm, was the keynote speaker at the ceremony celebrating the 2013 graduates of Grace Institute on March, 6, 2013 at Cooper Union in New York. Founded by W.R.Grace in 1987, Grace Institute provides tuition free, practical job training for underserved New York area women. Since its inception, Grace Institute has trained more than 100,000 women from the New York City area.

Ms. Green, a Grace Institute graduate, spoke from experience and the heart in her keynote address, "Self-worth was the greatest gift Grace Institute gave to me—wrapped in my certificate of course completion. That certificate—the same as you will receive tonight—and my self worth—were inextricably woven together like a tapestry. Self-worth gave birth to self-confidence; self-confidence got me a job which gave birth to self-sufficiency." Fox News Television featured the graduation as well as Ms. Green on a March 7 broadcast.