Tip of the Week Invitation

Employment Law This Week

Be a Guest on Our Show!

Epstein Becker Green invites you to be featured in a “Tip of the Week” segment of Employment Law This Week – our new video series.

Each episode focuses on the latest trends, important court decisions, and new developments that impact managers, human resources professionals, in-house counsel, and others. For example:

  • Episode 1: “Joint Employer” Definition, Background Checks, and OSHA Targets Health Industry
  • Episode 3: Gender Bias, Facebook “Likes,” Student Wages, and Religious Beliefs Accommodations Case
  • Episode 6: Whistleblower Protection, Breast-Feeding Collective Action, Marijuana Use, Pattern-or-Practice Clais

Review these sample “Tip of the Week” segments, on YouTube:

  • Benjamin Bair – Global Head of Investigations and Whistleblowing:
    Tip on building an effective whistleblowing program. This includes training managers to recognize a potential claim, to handle properly and investigate thoroughly to resolve issues in the best way possible for everyone involved.
  • Rebecca White – Attorney and Compliance Counsel:
    Tip on developing a rapport with colleagues in Compliance and Regulatory, a look at the regulatory context when handling employment law cases, and making sure the case won’t result in future repercussions.
  • Greg Shih – Attorney:
    Discusses how important it is to stay abreast of a number of legal issues, because it’s very difficult to be a true specialist nowadays. It’s especially true at small or medium sized companies. We all have our majors and minors, but a big source of value add that in-house counsel can bring to the table is to generate insight, no matter what the context.
  • Tess Leopold – General Counsel for Nippon Life Benefits:
    Tips regarding performance appraisals. Whether your company has conventional performance management or a cutting edge approach, feedback has a role. Constructive criticism, diplomatically delivered, can achieve important results.

There is a minimal time commitment to participate and steps include:

Employment Law This Week has been well received and is among the first of its kind in the legal industry. We would be honored to feature you in a future episode. Let's discuss!

Amanda Schneider
Chief Planning Officer