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The attorneys in EBG's Construction & Real Estate Litigation practice have extensive experience litigating disputes involving a wide range of construction and real estate related matters. In the area of construction law, we represent both public and private sector commercial and institutional building owners, developers, design professionals, sureties, contractors, suppliers, and persons seeking their services, in federal and state courts, in arbitrations before the American Arbitration Association and before the Boards of Contract Appeals, and in mediations, as well as before myriad federal, state and local government bodies. We litigate a wide range of construction-related matters, including:

  • Prosecution and defense of bid protests
  • All construction-related disputes involving design, quality of workmanship, breach of warranty, breach of contract, delay and extra work claims, fees, suretyship and bond claims, and the filing and release of mechanics' liens
  • ADA, OSHA and FHA compliance reviews
  • Protection of contractors' trade secrets and data rights
  • Construction-related environmental and toxic tort claims
  • Wrongful death actions.

In the area of real estate law, we concentrate on disputes involving mixed-use developments, large construction and health care real estate. We regularly appear in state and federal court, in arbitration proceedings and before a variety of administrative boards.

We represent buyers, sellers, developers, lenders, borrowers, landlords, tenants, investors, title companies, brokers and mortgagees regarding such matters as:

  • Claims arising out of real estate purchase agreements, including actions for money damages and to compel performance
  • Zoning and other land use disputes, including development entitlements and permits
  • Construction claims and disputes
  • Landlord/tenant actions
  • Property tax cases and tax exemption issues, including tax assessment proceedings
  • Premises liability actions
  • Title issues, including boundary lines, access, easements and adverse possession
  • Insurance disputes, including title insurance claims
  • Environmental issues, including property contamination and clean-up
  • Disputes with or among brokers
  • Mortgage foreclosure actions
  • Receiverships and related proceedings
  • Condemnation cases
  • Claims arising out of escrow agreements
  • Real estate syndication and partnership disputes
  • Litigation arising from land development
  • Secured transaction claims
  • Eminent domain proceedings.