Update: Massachusetts Data Privacy Rules

As we discussed in our January 22, 2010, client alert Massachusetts Data-Protection Regulations To Have National Impact (click here), the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will begin to enforce new regulations concerning the protection of its residents' personal information on March 1, 2010. All owners, licensers or storers of this information, even those outside of Massachusetts, will be affected by these regulations.

Briefly, the regulations require information holders to take specific actions to secure personal information and to notify the Commonwealth as well as the individual in the event personal information is stolen. Additional legislation concerns the proper methods of destruction of personal information. The loss of information in the absence of such a plan is likely to be prosecuted aggressively with penalties estimated to be in the thousands of dollar per occurrence.

We would like to share with you a presentation we have developed to prepare you for the implementation and enforcement of this new data protection regime: Click here to download the PDF. If you would like a copy of any of the material referred to in the presentation, or assistance with any issue related to these new regulations, please contact: