Mark Trapp Quoted in Article “Where Free Speech Goes to Die: The Workplace”

Bloomberg Businessweek

Mark Trapp, a Member of the Firm in the Labor and Employment and Litigation practices, in the Chicago office, was quoted in an article titled "Where Free Speech Goes to Die: The Workplace."

Following is an excerpt:

In America you can say pretty much whatever you want, wherever you want to say it. Unless, that is, you're at work. Simply put, there is no First Amendment right to "free speech" in the workplace—potentially perilous for many employees in a polarized political year with a tight presidential race. ?...

"The First Amendment applies only to employees of the government in certain situations, and all citizens when they're confronted by the government," says Mark Trapp, an employment lawyer with Epstein Becker Green in Chicago. "In other words, freedom to speak your mind doesn't really exist in work spaces." ?...

"The Constitution operates as a restriction on government, not private employers," Trapp says. "An employee would do well to keep this in mind before shooting off her mouth at the workplace."