Kim Tyrrell-Knott Quoted in Article, “FDA Mobile App Guidance Opens the Door to Benefits for Doctors”

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Kim Tyrrell-Knott, a Member of the Firm in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the San Diego and Washington, DC, offices, was quoted in an article titled "FDA Mobile App Guidance Opens the Door to Benefits for Doctors."

Following is an excerpt:

Like many, doctors see the appeal of mobile applications, but they have been cautious about using them in their practices. But now that the FDA has issued its final guidance on medical mobile applications, the path is clearer on how these tools can be used in offices. ?...

Physicians have been hesitant about using many medical apps because of fear that without FDA approval, if something goes wrong and they get sued for misdiagnosis, the odds of losing the case and paying out a large financial settlement is much greater if the app in question didn't have FDA approval. ?...

"One of the issues that the [mobile health] industry and providers have been struggling with is the lack of clarity in terms of what's regulated and what's not regulated," said Kim Tyrrell-Knott. The new guidelines provide that clarity, Tyrrell-Knott said, by explaining which apps will be scrutinized by the FDA and which won't.

Tyrrell-Knott also believes the new rules will encourage innovation by mobile app entrepreneurs because they now have a more clearly defined roadmap. And a more clearly defined roadmap means, ultimately, better apps, which in turn could result in greater productivity for doctors.