Joan Disler Quoted in Article, “Employers Confront Post-DOMA Benefit Challenges”


Joan Disler, Member of the Firm and Chair of the National Employee Benefits Steering Committee, was quoted in an article titled "Employers Confront Post-DOMA Benefit Challenges."

Following is an excerpt:

The Supreme Court's decision this week striking down part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act not only affects same-sex married couples - it has implications for their employers, too. While the ruling does not require companies to offer corporate benefits like healthcare to same-sex spouses of their employees, it brings a raft of administrative paperwork, employer law firms say.

Companies may have to change the language in their benefit plans to reflect a new definition of "spouse," send out letters to employees about new benefits, and re-calculate benefit contributions for some employees, said Joan Disler, an attorney at Epstein, Becker & Green.