Is TeleMedicine Entering a New Era?

Houston Medical Times

René Quashie, Senior Counsel in the Health Care and Life Sciences practice, in the Washington, DC, office, wrote an article titled "Is TeleMedicine Entering a New Era?"

Following is an excerpt:

The recent release of two documents addressing various telemedicine regulatory issues indicates a new approach to telemedicine regulation may be at hand. In proposing a physician interstate licensure compact model and adopting new guidelines for the practice of telemedicine, the Federation of State Medical Boards ("FSMB") is ushering in a progressive approach to regulatory issues that have long vexed the telemedicine community. While the states will still need to act on the FSMB's models, both documents represent a good first step in aligning law, technology, and telemedicine practice. Because the FSMB's interstate compact has not yet been finalized, this article will address the Federation's model policy and its potential effect in the telemedicine community.