What Role Do Patient Engagement Strategies Play in Promoting Population Health Strategies?


With the recent focus on Population Health Management Programs, using a successful patient engagement strategy is key to achieving meaningful clinical and financial outcomes. In recent years, many different approaches have been used to target, engage and modify individual behaviors towards a healthier lifestyle. This webinar session will highlight key examples of ways to engage high-risk and chronically ill groups. This session will cover:

  • Methods to promote better eating and exercise
  • Ways to improve medication adherence 
  • Avenues to promote healthy behaviors and to address chronic disease head-on 
  • Approaches to optimize provider involvement in patient care over the continuum of care 
  • Strategies to benchmark positive changes in targeted populations and provide meaningful feedback loops to the patients

Linda Tiano, Member, Epstein Becker Green

Kathleen Ann Fraser, RN-BC, MSN, MHA, CCM, CRRN,
CMSA president elect
Ben Gardner, Founder and President, Linkwell Health

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