OSHA Forecast: Developments to Watch in 2015 and Beyond

Webinar (CST), 3:00 PM EST

Valerie Butera, Member of the Firm, presents a webinar, "OSHA Forecast: Developments to Watch in 2015 and Beyond," hosted by the Midwest Employers Casualty Company (MECC).  

This webinar will delve into OSHA issues that will impact a wide range of industries in 2015. In addition to a greater focus on enforcements and inspections, changes will occur for recording injuries and illnesses in the OSHA 300 Injury and Illness Recordkeeping log as well as reporting changes of severe injuries or illnesses.

Topics will include:

  • Where we are now and the direction of OSHA in 2015
  • Recording and recordkeeping requirements
  • Whistleblowing and its impact on your business
  • Preparing for increased OSHA inspections of incidents
  • Rulemaking and potential changes in current programs
  • Ebola and other infectious diseases

For more information, visit MWECC.com. (Mention you discovered this webinar through Epstein Becker Green.)