New Employer Strategies for Managing the Teamster Workplace

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A comprehensive program focusing on specific labor relations issues for managing the Teamster-unionized workplace. Strategies that every employer needs to know at this unique time in labor relations.

Currently, three of the four National Labor Relations Board ("Board") members are former union attorneys or officials. They are intent upon using their rulemaking capabilities to radically change laws that have been in place for 75 years. As a result, extremely union-friendly policies have been proposed, and the Board's decisions are decidedly against employers. A major beneficiary of this sea of change has been the Teamsters.

The new labor landscape provides unions a better opportunity to interfere with daily operations and strategic decisions. Given this reality, for those who have a Teamsters-represented workplace, the "traditional" means of managing no longer applies.

This interactive program is designed for those seeking to reduce costs, maintain operational efficiencies, and control union influence in workplace issues.

The program is presented by labor law attorneys who have successfully represented employers — from Fortune 500 companies to individual businesses — and have dealt with every major Teamsters Local in the United States, in hundreds of organizing campaigns, collective bargaining negotiations, arbitrations, and strategic planning initiatives.

Business Owners and CEOs
Chief Operating Officers
Chief Financial Officers
General Counsels
Human Resources Professionals
Managers with HR Responsibilities

Jay P. Krupin,
Chair of the National Labor Steering Committee, Washington, DC, Office
Mark M. Trapp, Associate, Chicago Office
Paul Rosenberg, Associate, Washington, DC, Office


I. Negotiating Your Next Contract

Rules of the Road

  • The Mindset for Negotiations
  • No Such Thing as "Non-Economic" Issues
  • Increase Apprehension and Decrease Expectations
  • Who, Where, When
  • Using "Ad Referendum"
  • Drafting Employer Proposals
  • Education Equals Credibility
  • The Bargaining Committee
  • The Final Four

Teamster-Specific Clauses: Do Not Let the Union Run You Over

  • Progressive Discipline for Moving Violations
  • Premium, Shift and "Extra" Pay
  • Administering Route Tracking Systems
  • Obtaining the Requisite CDL Designation
  • Use of Lumper/Subcontracting Services
  • The Staffing of Helpers
  • Loading and Unloading Inventory Issues
  • Texting and Cell Phone Policies
  • Crossing Picket Lines

21st Century Collective Bargaining

  • Economic Distress Clause
  • Productivity Models for Increases
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Management Rights
  • Union Access

Declaring Impasse

  • The Duty to Bargain in Good Faith
  • Legal Requirements
  • Implement Last Employer Offer
  • Avoid ULP

II. Administering the CBA

Handling Grievances and Arbitrations and Contract Interpretation

  • Just Cause Standard
  • Past Practice Misunderstood
  • Layoffs and Recalls
  • Time Periods
Interpreting the Contract
  • Overtime, Scheduling, and Pay Practices
  • Mid-Contract Changes to Employee Policies
  • Establishing Employee Handbooks
  • Wage and Hour Compliance

III. Health Care and Pension Funds

Dealing with Instability

  • Decision 2014
  • Control your Health Insurance Costs
  • Dealing with "Red Zone" Funds
  • Caps on Increases
  • Review Plan Documents
  • Pension Fund: Exposure to Withdrawal Liability
  • 401(k) Options and Terms

IV. Managing Transitions

Purchases and Acquisitions, Relocations, and Downsizing

  • Successorship Obligations
  • Neutrality Agreements
  • Organizing Non-Union Employees
  • Moving, Reducing or Expanding
  • Operations — Boeing Issues
  • Due Diligence for Transactions

 Briefing Registration

The fee for this briefing is $75 for the first person and $50 for each additional person from the same company, and includes breakfast, meeting handouts, and lunch.

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For more information, please contact Elizabeth Gannon at [email protected] or 202/861-1850.