3rd Annual BLR Safety Summit: OSHA’s Rapid Response Investigations – How to Respond to New Compliance Risks Posed by the Severe Injury Reporting Rule

Austin, TX

Valerie Butera, Member of the Firm, will present "OSHA's Rapid Response Investigations: How to Respond to New Compliance Risks Posed by the Severe Injury Reporting Rule," a session at the 3rd Annual BLR Safety Summit, which runs from April 4 to 6, 2016.

OSHA has initiated an instant investigation policy called a “Rapid Response Investigation” or RRI, of organizations that report fatalities, inpatient hospitalizations, amputations, and loss of an eye to the agency under the new, stricter severe injury reporting rule, which took effect January 1, 2015. As part of the RRI, a company must submit a “root cause analysis” report to OSHA, and the company is expected to investigate the root cause of an injury and propose corrective action, then submit the report to OSHA within a few days. This session will help attendees understand employer obligations during a Rapid Response Investigation. Minimizing the risk of OSHA citations as a result of the RRI will also be discussed.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding why the increasing number of OSHA Rapid Response Investigations is sounding the “compliance” alarm at organizations across the country
  • Identifying when the obligation to conduct a root-cause investigation is triggered—and what OSHA expects the investigatory report to include
  • Strategies for completing the severe injury investigation within the stringent timeframe OSHA provides—and who should be involved in the process
  • Guidelines, including critical do’s and don’ts, for ensuring a report doesn’t spark OSHA citations

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