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Our Mission Statement

Spanning a wide range of industries, the Hispanic community, both inside and outside the United States, is an increasingly dynamic and significant player on the global business stage. At Epstein Becker Green, our awareness of issues affecting the Hispanic workplace enhances our relationships with clients, colleagues, and the firm.

Hispanic Business Group Initiatives

In 1998, the firm established the Hispanic Business Group, which includes EBG attorneys who focus on the complex business and legal needs of the growing Hispanic population in the United States. EBG's Hispanic Business Group is deeply committed to meeting the wide range of legal and business concerns that affect the Hispanic business community—both globally and in the United States. EBG works closely with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Mexico Chamber of Commerce to resolve concerns involving migrant workers from Mexico in the United States and related labor and employment policies. Across our 10 offices located in key cities across the country, Epstein Becker Green attorneys are active in civic and cultural groups representing the Hispanic community—from participating on local school boards to organizing charitable events for the benefit of Hispanic cultural centers.

Sponsorships and Events

Among the firm's numerous involvements of this nature, Epstein Becker Green is an active member of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The firm has also sponsored annual conferences for the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA). Members of the Hispanic Business Group regularly participate in the Chamber's annual conference. And EBG attorney Dean Singewald formerly co-chaired the Connecticut Bar Association's Diversity Committee and has worked to promote diversity in the legal profession with leaders of the Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association.

We serve Hispanic business clients from within numerous practices, including:

Labor and Employment

  • Advising on union organizing, collective bargaining, and arbitrations for clients with Hispanic American interests
  • Developing and implementing bilingual employment-related policies and procedures, employee handbooks and manuals, and supervisory training
  • Counseling and offering representation on matters specific to the Spanish-language workplace, such as English-only rules, and national origin discrimination and foreign language posting regulations


  • Securing non-immigrant visas for foreign nationals working temporarily in executive, managerial, professional, skilled, or specialized knowledge positions
  • Obtaining permanent-residence status for foreign employees who corporate employers want to sponsor for permanent positions
  • Defending employers against complaints for alleged violations of record-keeping and antidiscrimination regulations
  • Advising employers on completion of Form I-9, and responding to issues regarding work authorization

Health Care and Life Sciences

  • Managing general corporate law, including acquisitions and reorganizations of Hispanic health care-related facilities and hospitals
  • Counseling Hispanic businesses on compliance with health and safety regulations, and OSHA investigations
  • Advising Hispanic businesses on hospital contracts and faculty practice arrangements

Corporate Services

  • Helping Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States, Latin American subsidiaries of U.S. corporations, and subsidiaries of Spanish and Latin American companies with U.S. business interests
  • Assisting clients with establishing relationships with foreign agents, distributors, and sales representatives
  • Managing both domestic and transnational corporate, commercial, finance, insurance, and tax matters
  • Aiding with structure and implementation of both domestic and transnational mergers and acquisitions, multinational joint ventures, partnerships, franchises, and public offerings


  • Helping to conduct litigation related to mergers and acquisitions of Hispanic businesses, including challenges to the merger or acquisition, hostile takeover bids, and corporate control disputes
  • Offering counsel to both major domestic and foreign companies involved with securities litigation and arbitrations
  • Managing disputes involving public offerings, syndications, and private placements of Hispanic businesses

International Trade

  • Maximizing duty savings and minimizing duty liabilities for import operations of Hispanic businesses
  • Examining supply chain efficiencies and recommending cost-savings opportunities (e.g., Foreign Trade Zones or changes to terms of sale) for Hispanic businesses
  • Ensuring that Ethical Codes of Conduct are in place for Hispanic businesses, including corporate compliance with labor, employment, and human rights standards and environmental laws
  • Safeguarding the intellectual property for Hispanic businesses, including distribution and licensing agreements; "gray market" laws and other import protection; and patent, trademark, and copyright enforcement

Hispanic Business Group Members

Peter L. Altieri
Pierre Georges Bonnefil
Angel Gomez, III
Ronald M. Green
Eileen D. Millett
Dean R. Singewald, II